Spending Winter in Seoul…

I spent the winter of 1997/’98 in Seoul. I hadn’t known anything about Korean weather at all before I went. I knew nothing about Korea. Nothing, like I wrote in my first blog post. I had borrowed an old book that described some facts about Korea from my city’s public library in July of 1997… Continue reading Spending Winter in Seoul…

Korea in 1999…..Part 11

Seodaemun….. Seodaemun is the area just to the west of Kyeongbokkung Palace. It was important for me to go because the West Gate of Seoul was here and that long, beautiful mountain with all the granite on it, InWangSan, was here as well. The day we decided to go to the area, we found ourselves… Continue reading Korea in 1999…..Part 11

Seoul in 1997-98…Part 8

Namdaemun Market…. Soon after my arrival in Seoul in 1997, the Korean people told me about a huge indoor/outdoor market that I had to see. They described how many vendors came from rural areas and brought their produce there to sell to tourists and city-dwellers, and they described how these farmers started in the night,… Continue reading Seoul in 1997-98…Part 8

Seoul in 1997…Part 7

Chogyesa Temple… Just southeast of the North gate was another temple, considered to be the main Buddhist temple in Korea. The richest one. Even though it was the richest one, it wasn’t as nice as Bongeunsa and wasn’t as nice as other ones I’ve seen in other places there, really. But I found it by… Continue reading Seoul in 1997…Part 7

Seoul in 1997…Part 6

‘LG’ class…. One of the main classes I had was in Karibong-dong teaching four businessmen at a building that was run by LG, which is one of the biggest companies in Korea. My “LG class” was a in a large building complex that had a cellphone plant and many offices and a cafeteria in Southwestern… Continue reading Seoul in 1997…Part 6

At First….

I didn’t know anything. I knew nothing about Korea. Perhaps that was best. Here I was on a plane from Canada to Seoul. It was my first time on a plane and I didn’t know anyone in Korea or anyone on the plane. I was completely alone and didn’t mind. I was used to doing… Continue reading At First….