Korea in 1999…..Part 11

Seodaemun….. Seodaemun is the area just to the west of Kyeongbokkung Palace. It was important for me to go because the West Gate of Seoul was here and that long, beautiful mountain with all the granite on it, InWangSan, was here as well. The day we decided to go to the area, we found ourselves… Continue reading Korea in 1999…..Part 11

Seoul in October,1999…Part 10

The War Memorial Museum…. I thought it was important for us to see the War Memorial Museum in Yongsan, Seoul, where the American forces were based. It did not disappoint. When we had come outside after being in the museum for 3 hours, I remember saying to myself that it would have taken us 2… Continue reading Seoul in October,1999…Part 10

Seoul in 1997, Part 2

Kyeongbokkung Palace… Kyeongbokkung Palace is a very large, beautiful complex. The king’s throne and 2 ponds and a pagoda-style museum are inside. When you face the front of it, you see the northern Bukhansan Mountains behind it. North Korea is around 50 kms beyond those mountains, a Korean businessman told me at first. They were… Continue reading Seoul in 1997, Part 2