Musings about Korean markets in the 1990s…

Fresh food was for sale in a lot of areas. On the sidewalks sometimes, and at huge, sprawling vendors’ markets, and at stands outside of corner stores. Prepared ‘street food’ was for sale on the roads in certain areas. Small, blue-coloured Daewoo trucks drove slowly through residential neighborhoods, with a man’s voice on a loudspeaker… Continue reading Musings about Korean markets in the 1990s…

Busan in Oct. 1999…..Part 14

While lost outside of Pusan… While we were lost in what Koreans call ‘the countryside’ north of Busan, we had to walk back towards the city once we realised we would never see the fortress we wanted to go to. In the area, after we saw the goats, I left Robert on the road and… Continue reading Busan in Oct. 1999…..Part 14

Busan in 1999…

Pusan in Oct 1999…. The city of Pusan was the second largest city in South Korea at the time of our vacation, with a population of around 3.6 million people. Pusan is found on the Southeastern coast of South Korea at its furthest Southeastern point. It is a huge port city as there are many,… Continue reading Busan in 1999…

Korea in 1999….Part 12

Kyeongju….. Kyeongju is a special city full of cultural relics that is a must-see for tourists in Korea. I planned for us to take an inter-city bus to get there from Seoul and to spend 2 nights. Thank goodness I could find a lot of information in that Lonely Planet guide, as internet wasn’t available… Continue reading Korea in 1999….Part 12

Korea in 1999…..Part 11

Seodaemun….. Seodaemun is the area just to the west of Kyeongbokkung Palace. It was important for me to go because the West Gate of Seoul was here and that long, beautiful mountain with all the granite on it, InWangSan, was here as well. The day we decided to go to the area, we found ourselves… Continue reading Korea in 1999…..Part 11

Seoul in October,1999…Part 10

The War Memorial Museum…. I thought it was important for us to see the War Memorial Museum in Yongsan, Seoul, where the American forces were based. It did not disappoint. When we had come outside after being in the museum for 3 hours, I remember saying to myself that it would have taken us 2… Continue reading Seoul in October,1999…Part 10

Korea in the Late 1990’s…. Part 9

As far as getting Robert’s luggage back when we were in Karak-dong during his visit in January, 1998, we had to get Anthony to get it back after we waited a week. He called Korean Air and was on the lounge desk phone for a long time speaking Korean. We were going to give up… Continue reading Korea in the Late 1990’s…. Part 9