Seoul in 1997-98…Part 8

Namdaemun Market…. Soon after my arrival in Seoul in 1997, the Korean people told me about a huge indoor/outdoor market that I had to see. They described how many vendors came from rural areas and brought their produce there to sell to tourists and city-dwellers, and they described how these farmers started in the night,… Continue reading Seoul in 1997-98…Part 8

Seoul in 1997…Part 6

‘LG’ class…. One of the main classes I had was in Karibong-dong teaching four businessmen at a building that was run by LG, which is one of the biggest companies in Korea. My “LG class” was a in a large building complex that had a cellphone plant and many offices and a cafeteria in Southwestern… Continue reading Seoul in 1997…Part 6

At First….

I didn’t know anything. I knew nothing about Korea. Perhaps that was best. Here I was on a plane from Canada to Seoul. It was my first time on a plane and I didn’t know anyone in Korea or anyone on the plane. I was completely alone and didn’t mind. I was used to doing… Continue reading At First….